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We are very proud of the wheels we build. Here we share the skilled process we undertake to build our wheels.



Step 1

Every wheel build start with a procedure we call "Lacing". This is where the spokes are feed through the holes in the hub flange in preparation for the actual building process.

This procedure is done by hand.

At first glance this appears to be a simple task. but requires great skill and accuracy as the spokes need to be loaded in the correct configuration according to the type of spoke pattern required.

A skilled "Lacer" can prepare more than 150 wheels per day.


Step 2 

The second step is the building process where the spokes and hub are attached to the rim with the assistance of a special machine. 

This process is also done by hand, but with the assistance of a machine. 

 This Wheel Building Machine rotates the rim into the correct position to enable the operator to locate the spokes into the rim and then feeds the nipple onto the threaded portion of the spoke. When all spokes are attached the operator checks the dishing of the wheel, making primary corrections as required before feeding the partially completed wheel into the Truing Machine.


Step 3 

The third step is where the newly built, but still unfinished wheel is feed into a machine which adjusts spoke tension and makes the wheel perfectly straight and true. 

This is the only step which is carried out without human intervention. 

This remarkable machine not only adjusts spoke tension to the required level, it also straightens and centers the wheel to within 0.3mm on either side and ensures perfect roundness to within 0.3mm, The wheel is also subjected to side loading (relieving) to ensure that spoke tension doesn't change when the wheel is first ridden.


Step 4 

The forth and final step is a manual check and inspection. 

Even though every wheel we build is machine trued and tensioned to within 0.3mm, we still check every one by hand using a sophisticated truing jig. 

During this process the roundness of the wheel, the spoke tension and the centering are all carefully checked. Every wheel we make, whether it's an economic workshop replacement or an ultra high-end competition model, goes through this process.

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